Shia’s Page

Welcome to my blog Shia NJ, I’m Shia and I am from New Jersey in the United States (I know not a very original name but I think it sounds pretty cool!). 

The first thing you need to know about me is that I am a very organized person and sometimes this happens to a fault. I have always organized money, what I’m going to eat in a week, where I am going, and when and with this crazy amount of organization I have learned that I need to mix it with wellness and mindfulness strategies. This is the basis of my blog, it is basically a series of organization and mindfulness to keep you happy and efficient every single day. 

I am an elementary school teacher and that is probably why I value organization above anything else, with all the teaching plans and different classes I have to prepare for every week.

I love my job but I have always wanted to start a little side project to pass the time in the evenings after work and what better way than a little blog full of facts and advice that I have developed over the years. This advice is literally only coming from me so if it doesn’t quite work for you please don’t hold it to me, I’m just trying to help and show you what works for me! 

I really hope that you enjoy my blog and you find some valuable information that will carry you forwards into the future with a more relaxed and open mindset!