Curvy women are faced with a lot of unwanted attention and comments from strangers and family about their body shape, especially when they are just trying to have a nice day out in public. You may get stared at, have people whispering and pointing at you, or even being accused of being “fat,” “embarrassing,” or “weird.” As a curvy woman, you may feel that your clothing options are limited or limited to what you can find at the average department store. But the options are more extensive than you might think.


Long gone are the days of restrictive fashion rules for curvier women. In fact, no matter if you are petite or larger, there is always something to wear that flatters your shape. A lot of stores and websites have special sizes for plus-size women, but you can also shop at department stores like Nordstrom Rack, where you can find a stylish selection of clothes that flatter your shape. You can also find stylish clothing on, especially for women of size. Here are tips and tricks that can enhance your beauty!


  • We’ve all seen the model on the runway wearing her shirt tucked in, but for many curvy women, wearing a tucked shirt can be a real struggle. Curvy women often find that they can tuck their shirts in with ease, but without people realizing they have been tucked in. Tucking in your shirt can help you look slimmer, and it can also help you feel more confident. If you feel that you need more help with styling, you could look online for a guide for wearing them (shirts, that is) and look more assertive.


  • While it may seem like a simple task, cuffing your jeans is actually something that a lot of people don’t know how to do. Sure, you may have had the opportunity to see someone cuff their pants, but there’s a chance you weren’t sure if that meant you could do the same.


The real question you should be asking yourself is, is this a good idea? Yes. Absolutely. Cuffing your pants is a great way to elevate the look of your jeans, but it’s also a trick that will help with the actual way your pants fit you. Cuffing your jeans means that the end of your pants will close, and fasten, completely around your leg.


  • There are many people out there who do not have the physique they would like to have. These people have to wear clothes that are not very flattering on them. One of the things that many of these people have to do is wear clothes that are too tight in the bust or too loose in the low hip section. This can get very frustrating for these people.


If you are a curvy woman, you know how hard it is to find clothes that fit. While the industry has expanded its size selection over the last decade, it’s still hard to find clothes that fit well. In fact, it’s so hard to find that you have to be a size 4 or 6 to even have a chance of finding something that fits. This is why the latest trend in clothes is an asymmetrical dress with heels.


  • It’s hard to find clothes that fit all types of women. If you are a curvy woman, you may feel self-conscious when you step into the fitting room of your favorite store. Some of the most common problems with curvy women’s clothes are too tight in the waist or chest, too short in the inseam, or too long in the sleeves. In addition, you may need a belt to add a bit of length to your legs and bring your silhouette together.


  • Being curvier than the average woman can sometimes make you feel a bit awkward. When you are a woman and curvier, you are often told to “wear a baggy T-shirt” and “stop wearing fitted clothing.” There is a very fine line between wearing clothing that makes you feel good and clothing that is uncomfortable and makes you self-conscious.


Tailoring your clothes will give you better-looking pieces that will look great on you. Tailoring your clothing is not only something you should do for yourself, but it is also a great guide for what to wear when you are with someone you want to impress.